Million Dollar Money Drop Singapore

Million Dollar Money Drop Singapore: SINGAPORE "The Million Dollar Money Drop", an upcoming Singapore game show based on a popular UK game show format, will give players S$1 million dollars in cash up front.

But the contestants may be left with nothing at all by the end of the show. Two contestants will work as a team to put their money where their mouth is, and pile the cash they have been given – real Singapore dollars - on four trap doors, each representing an answer to a multiple choice question the show throws at them.

They get to keep the cash they 'bet' on the correct answer and proceed to the next question, but have to watch the money they put (if any) on the trapdoors representing the wrong answers, slip through their fingers when the trapdoors are released.

This goes on for eight questions; with the number of answers (trapdoors) contestants can put their money on gradually being reduced.
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